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Swedish Transport Administration extends snow removal contract with Railcare by three years

24 Apr 2022 [11:37h]    


The Swedish Transport Administration has exercised its option to extend its existing snow removal contract with Railcare by another three years. The extended contract covers the period up to 30 April 2025 and the value of the agreement is SEK 40 million per year.

Pursuant to the snow removal contract, Railcare provides a number of machines and personnel that are strategically deployed across Sweden. This enables services to be provided to those areas most in need, in the shortest time possible, during the winter season.  Snow melters are used primarily in railway yards and stations, where the snow is swept up and melted in large tanks. The snow ploughs are used both in the railway yards and on the rail network.

“Last winter, for the first time and from as early as the start of December, we operated snow removal services on the Skånebanan.  Climate change is contributing to significant changes in the weather and it feels reassuring that our snow removal machines will continue to provide the snow removal services at strategically important places in Sweden’s infrastructure for the next three winter seasons” commented Mattias Remahl, CEO at Railcare Group.

On Railcare’s website a report for the latest winter season is available, containing more information about the snow removal contract and the machines being used.